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alexjashinski, Sep 6, 10 1:56 PM.
Just a reminder for all members that raid with us and such please read up on the rules.

If you can't make Tuesday and Sunday for an ICC 10 progression than don't go. Tentative is not an option. It's simply not there. Don't even click it. Knowing the fights is also a biggie. As soon as we ask you if you know the fights just tell us the truth. There's no use in sitting in Icecrown for two hours and wiping because of someone's ignorance. 

Take the time and read up on your class. Don't get on other members all the time and hassle them about your class. It's YOUR CLASS- read up and if you don't know something THEN ask someone else. 

Other than that read up on the guild rules.

We say this only because we care for this guild's well being and if we have members who constantly bring us down we cannot be a great guild.

Your officers

BaneOfExistenceGM, Aug 13, 10 7:02 PM.
First of all your officers are: Zalura, Treetank, Khazard, Bloodshark, and Blooddog (also the GM)

        We are all here to help you. Each officer helps out and each officer wants to help you as well. If you need anything from the Guild Bank, whisper an officer. If you need an invite for an alt, whisper an officer. If you have any questions, the officers will do their best to answer them as simply as possible. All officers are raid leaders and help me out all the time.

Name:                Type:                        Work imput:
Khazard              Melee Officer             Deals with applications
Treetank             Tank Officer              To Be Determined
Zalura                Ranged Officer           Guild Bank and getting materials for the raids
Bloodshark          Healing Officer           To Be Determined
Blooddog            All of the above          Everything Else (Guild website, raid planning, etc.)

You can see your karma!

BaneOfExistenceGM, Aug 6, 10 12:03 PM.
Thanks to Mottie, a very helpful member here at guild portals, you can see your karma at the new page. Its still being worked on, and some of the kinks are being worked out, but you can still see it. I have to update it by uploading the file after i log the night of raiding, so you won't be able to see an updated list until the day after the raid. Enjoy ^_^

EDIT: You can mouse over the points to see the last 4 transactions ("points given for ___" or "[Item] and its cost") or you can click to get a full history in a pop-up window.

Please post under member forums anything you would like to see on the guild website or any problems that you run into.

LK Kill and Hard Modes

BaneOfExistenceGM, Jul 27, 10 2:31 PM.
Congratulations everyone in the LK group!

For now we are hoping to get everyone Kingslayer that way everyone is experienced with all the fights in ICC10 and we wont be worrying about spending too much time on hard modes. That being said we will spend little amount of time on them. This first week i hope to do Gunship, Lady Deathwhisper, and Rotface on heroic. If you can look up those fights, they are very similar to normal and i have complete confidence that we can do them. But if we cant, its no big deal, move on and work on getting LK down again.

Karma Distribution

BaneOfExistenceGM, Jul 20, 10 1:31 AM.
10 Man ICC
  • You will get 30 Karma for showing up to ICC10 for the full duration of the raid Tuesday AND Sunday
    •     Points are awarded at the end of the raid Sunday

25 Man ICC




  • You will get 5 Karma for showing up to the raid on time and prepared
    •     Points will be awarded at the beginning of the run, but will be deducted if you leave early or are deemed unprepared.
  • You will get 5 Karma for downing each boss in the raid
    •     Points will be awarded at the kill but before the loot so that you can use the karma for any rolls you may have
    •     These points can be lost if you loot before everyone is resurrected
  • You will get 10 Karma for downing every new boss
    •     This means that the boss has not be downed before as a guild in ICC25
    •     Just like before, the points will be awarded after the kill, but before loot
  • You will get 10 Karma for staying the full duration of the raid
    •     This will be awarded at the end of the raid time

Ways to lose karma


  •  Looting before all are resurrected will be a loss of 5 Karma (The 5 awarded for downing the boss)

  • Causing a disruption will be a loss of 5 Karma (Only seveer cases and at the discretion of the officers)

Remember that Karma can be gained and lost. For more on the system see my post below. And if you are on standby because the raid group was full, if you stay online and available for the full raid you will get the same Karma that the group does.


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